• Love is patience
  • Love kindness
  • Love is generosity
  • Love is purity
  • Love doesn’t boast
  • Love is slow to anger
  • Love is sincerity
  • Love is healing
  • Love is forgiveness.

Absence of Love is darkness

Absence of Love is hate

Absence of Love is destruction

Absence of Love is pain and suffering

Absence of Love is neglect and abandonment.


Below are my drawings. Please like and comment. I would like to know your feedback.


“Mountain in Water Colors.”

“Mountain in Water Colors.” Used water colors. Used iPhone 11 to saturate colors.
“Mountain in White Water Color.” Used water color. Used #2 pencil. Used iPhone 11 Photo Editor to saturate color.


“Playground.” Used #2 pencil. Used color pencils. Used iPhone 11 photo editor to add effects. November 16, 2021.

“The View.”

“The View.” Used color pencils. November 15, 2021.
“The View #2”. Colors saturated using iPhone 11, photo editor.
“The View #3.” Colors saturated using iPhone 11 Photo Editor.


“Karma” Used #2 pencil. November 10-12, 2021

“Colors drawing 1”

”Colors Drawing 1” Used color pencils. Colors edited to be more saturated using iPhone 11, photo editor.


“Green” used markers and colored pencils . November 2, 2021