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  • Jesus, the Christ. The Light of the Worlds.

    Jesus, the Christ. The Light of the Worlds.
    “Jesus, the Christ” “The Light of the Worlds.”used colored pencils, used #2 pencil.

    Colored pencil drawing of Jesus, The Christ. The Light of the Worlds.

  • Supreme God of Purity & Light

    Supreme God of Purity & Light

    “The God of Jesus, The Christ, The Eternal High Priest”

    “The Main God of the New Testament.”

    The Supreme Being of Purity & Light governs all Light Beings (purified beings and souls) in the upper tier of existence where darkness and afflictions are not allowed.

    “God is Light. There’s no Darkness in him.” 1 John 1:5

    Light beings(purified spirits) all come from this higher vibrational reality.

    Supreme God of Purity & Light, is a supreme being that oversees the development of purified souls. He exists in the upper tier of existence where darkness is not allowed nor permitted. **He is not Jesus, The Christ.
    Light Beings. Purified spirits in the Upper Tier of existence.
    Light Beings are purified souls.

    Light Beings – purified souls of existence.

    Light beings are purified souls from many realities. They are the ultimate beings of all creation.

    Soul Ladder – Soul purification.

    Souls advanced and progress into their own upward ladder depending on their success and achievements in each lifetime that they have been granted.

    Dark souls are purified through lifetimes of existence – afflictions, vices, psychological well-being, temperament, diet(removal of unclean and impure food( meat, chemically produced food, food and drinks containing byproduct ingredients)habitual practices, etc. are all objects of interests when purifying one’s soul.

    Light Beings – Purified Souls come from a higher tier of existence where darkness and afflictions do not exist.

    High Priests of Purity & Light

    They are royal priests of the supreme being of purity and light. They guide, heal, and help souls to ascend their soul ladder.

    Melchizedek – King of Salem, Priest of El Elyon.

    High priests of purity & light, Melchizedek comes from the upper tier of existence where darkness doesn’t exist.
    High Priest Melchizedek might have come from the upper tier of existence where darkness and afflictions do not exist.

    Jesus, The High Priest.

    Jesus, the Christ, is the embodiment of purity and holiness. His halo is a sign of his absolute purity – the absence of darkness.

    Jesus, the High Priest of Purity & Light

    According to Hebrews in the New Testament, Jesus became a High Priest with just an oath. He is a High Priest that is pure in this unclean and impure world.

    Hebrews 4:14

    14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest(A) who has ascended into their heaven,[a](B)Jesus the Son of God,(C) let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.

    Jesus, the Eternal High Priest of Purity & Light.
    Jesus, the Eternal High Priest of Purity & Light.
  • Universes. Supreme God- True God of this Earth.

    Universes. Supreme God- True God of this Earth.

    The God of the Old Testament.

    “The Creator God.”

    “The Jealous God.”

    “The Omnipotent God.”

    “The God of Abraham and Moses, and the prophets.”

    “The God of the Jews.”

    “The Universe.”

    He created this world and the universes in this reality tier. He regulates all of existence (dark souls) in this tier – a tier of existence.

    Supreme God of Darkness. Supreme God of this Universe.
    Supreme God of this tier of existence.


    Supreme God of the Universe.
    The universe is an expansive infinite space. A Supreme being regulates all of existence in his domain.

    Lucifer – a soldier of a supreme being. A commander of his army.

    His army are soldiers with wings, “angels”. They do not have halos – halo is a sign of purity. They do wear battle armors, similar to Roman battle armors.

    Supreme God – the “Universe”.

    Supreme God of the Universe. Supreme God of Darkness. Creator of the Earth. Supreme being of this Tier of existence. God of the Old Testament.
    Supreme God of Darkness. Creator of the universes in this Tier of existence. Creator of the Earth. “Jealous God.” “Omnipotent God.” “God of the Jewish Faith.” “God of the Old Testament.” “God of Heaven’s Armies.” “God of the Prophets of the Old Testament.” He is the overseer of dark and afflicted souls and beings in this Tier.
    Soldiers of a Supreme being. His army for all of his cosmos.

    Lucifer is one of his ”angels” who was punished for treason. He didn’t lead a war against the Supreme God – he didn’t turn into a dragon. He was tested and failed to overcome his selfish ambitions and desire to become like the most high – supreme. He was punished for his actions. He is still a soldier of the supreme god.

    Lucifer is NOT Satan or the Devil.

    Lucifer means light bringer. He was the morning star of the supreme god. A soldier is his final form, and not a devil.

    Lucifer was overcome by his dark desire to be like Supreme. There was darkness and deceit in him, that’s why he fell from his God’s grace. This darkness, affliction, originated from a source and it is not from Lucifer.

    Lucifer – the Morning Star of a Supreme God of Darkness. His elite commander of his angel army in the entire cosmos for this tier of existence. **Illustration by Yumiko24 via Deviant Art.

    Satan is a dark entity, or a dark god who commands dark beings( demons, devils, ghouls, witches). He is not a soldier of a supreme being. His form is not of a human. He is an entirely different entity.

  • Waterfall Drawing

    “Waterfall” drawing. Used number 2 pencil.
  • Gods. Revealed.

    Gods. Revealed.

    Who is Supreme God?

    Supreme God: The Supreme God of the Universes and existence in this Tier. He created this world and everything around it.

    He’s one of the Gods that regulates everything in existence.

    He can be both darkness and light, war & peace, good and evil.

    The Supreme God of darkness regulates the celestial prisons of fiends and dark gods. He is the God of afflicted souls, the supreme being for all dark souls in his tier of existence.

    A Supreme Being in the upper tier of existence.

    The Supreme God of Purity & Light is the ruler of the Light beings – purified souls. He rules the upper tier of existence, separated from darkness.

    Who are the Dark Gods?

    Dark Gods are adversaries of the Light Gods.

    Dark Gods afflict physical, emotional, and psychological pain to their victims to make them dark souls.

    They are the source of afflictions, crime, murder, diseases, violence, depression, sexual promiscuity, drug and alcohol addiction, etc., they are even the source of hunger.

    Satan, from the Christian religion is one of the Dark Gods that causes affliction on souls. He and his army of demons cause afflictions to the souls of this planet.

    Who are the Gods of Purity & Light?

    Gods of Purity & Light: The Gods of the Messiahs. They embody purity of mind body and soul. They guide souls to become their absolute purity – no darkness, negativity and afflictions.

    Supreme God. Gods of Purity & Light. Drawing. December 11, 2021.

    Earthians and Gods regulate souls.

    This planet’s souls are regulated by Earthians and Gods: Gods of Light, Gods of Darkness, and Supreme Gods.

    Dark souls are separated from Light Souls.

    Impure souls are separated from Pure souls.

    Unclean souls are separated from Clean souls.

  • Jesus. The Light of the World.

    Drawing of Jesus, The Light of the World.

    Jesus. The Light of the World. Pencil drawing. December 7, 2021.

    Pencil drawing of Jesus.

  • “Love”


    • Love is patience
    • Love kindness
    • Love is generosity
    • Love is purity
    • Love doesn’t boast
    • Love is slow to anger
    • Love is sincerity
    • Love is healing
    • Love is forgiveness.

    Absence of Love is darkness

    Absence of Love is hate

    Absence of Love is destruction

    Absence of Love is pain and suffering

    Absence of Love is neglect and abandonment.

  • Hi!

    Below are my drawings. Please like and comment. I would like to know your feedback.


  • “Woman of Light.”

    “Woman of Light.” Used #2 pencil. November 22, 2021.”
  • “Mountain in Water Colors.”

    “Mountain in Water Colors.” Used water colors. Used iPhone 11 to saturate colors.
    “Mountain in White Water Color.” Used water color. Used #2 pencil. Used iPhone 11 Photo Editor to saturate color.